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Zenkai means "the power you gain from taking high damage".

To get a zenkai, you must get knocked out or killed. Being killed gives a bigger zenkai. The stronger the person is who gave you the zenkai by knocking you out or killing you, the more power you will gain from the zenkai.

Zenkai Facts

The more often you zenkai the smaller a zenkai you will get. Zenkai needs time to recharge to maximum and each time you zenkai the time to recharge increases.

The power of the person causing you to have the zenkai is the most important factor. To gain any worthwhile power from zenkai the person must be stronger than you.

Race Zenkai Gains

Each Race gets a different Zenkai gain, whether bigger or smaller.

Humans - 1X Zenkai

Half Saiyans - 1.25X Zenkai

Legendary Saiyans - 3X Zenkai

Aliens - 1.4X Zenkai

Androids - 0X Zenkai

Bio-Android - 1.8X Zenkai

Demigods - 1.35X Zenkai

Demons - 0.9X Zenkai

Changelings/Icers - 0.95X Zenkai

Kais - 0.45X Zenkai

Makyos - 0.725X Zenkai

Majins - 1.8X Zenkai

Namekians - 0.45X Zenkai

Spirit Dolls - 1X Zenkai

Tsujins - 1X Zenkai

Saiyans - 3X Zenkai