Un-edited stats of a Human.

Battle Power: Amplifies the effectiveness of your strength, durability, force, resistance, offense, and defense

Strength: Increases melee damage and knockback distance

Durability: Increases the damage you can take from melee

Force: Like strength but for ki attacks

Resistance: Like durability but for ki attacks

Speed: Decreases the refire between all attacks and many other abilities

Offense: Makes it harder for people to dodge your melee attacks and deflect your blasts

Defense: Makes it easier for you to dodge peoples melee attacks and deflect blasts

Regeneration: How fast you regain your health and decreases the time you stay knocked out

Recovery: How fast you recover energy and power up

Anger: When you get angry your battle power, regeneration, and recovery increase. The more anger you have the bigger the increase

Regeneration, recovery, and anger are NOT increasable thru training.

Strength, durability, force, resistance, offense, and defense all have "stat mods" which modify how fast you gain those stats. When you create a character you are putting points into the stat mod which increases how fast you gain that stat

Force FactsEdit

If you make your force mod 2x or higher, you will get the skill "Meditation Level 2" when you first make your character! Meditation Level 2 lets you gain BP (Battle Power) and SP (Skill Points) while only meditating instead of having to train over and over. The flaw is that the gains are slower. This is advised to only use if you have to go afk for a long period of time.

Speed FactsEdit

For any version of V27 or below, Speed is bugged. It doesn't bug your character but it is actually coded to lower accuracy instead of increasing it so it is inverted. You can still add speed to use attacks faster and dodge attacks though.

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