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A Shuriken at a glance.

This is a ranged move based on the thrower's strength

Increasing Its Power

The more strength you have, then the stronger the shuriken becomes. If your strength mod is high then the Shuriken item is good for you! Unlike most items, the Shuriken appears in the skills tab. The icon is also customizable to one's liking similar to that of most skills.

Extra Boosts

You can add different things to this weapon to make it even stronger. These things consist of : Shrapnel, Wall Bounce, Knockback,and Explosion.

Adding Explosion to the Shuriken makes it explode whenever it collides with something. If an explosion is already occuring then another one will not happen.

Adding knockback to the Shuriken is just as it sounds. It makes your opponent get knocked back similar to that of KB.

Combining Wall Bounce with Explosion can make a deadly combo. Wall bounce makes it bounce off of any wall,roof,or object it hits and then it hits another target. If you use this to cause multiple explosions near one target you'll be a force to be reckoned with. Although when it bounces the damage from the shuriken its self will get halved to 0.5 but the explosions can still pack a punch!

Shrapnel and Explosion can make a good combo as well. Shrapnel causes the shuriken to split into multiple parts which can cause confusion to the enemy. Combining this with wall bounce as well will make it each indivisual shuriken bounce from place to place causing even more confusion. The damage is severely lowered but its still a good trick.